How Many Districts in Rajasthan Now?

The Indian state of Rajasthan is divided into 50 districts for administrative purposes. This was the case as of March 17, 2023, when the Rajasthan government announced the creation of 19 new districts.

The new districts are:

  • Apoongarh
    Gangapur City
    Neem Ka Thana

The creation of these new districts was done to improve the efficiency of administration and to bring government services closer to the people. The new districts will be headed by a district magistrate, who will be assisted by a superintendent of police and other officials.

The formation of new districts is a common practice in India, as it is seen as a way to improve governance and development. In the case of Rajasthan, the new districts are expected to help to reduce poverty, improve education and healthcare, and create jobs.

Here are some of the benefits of having more districts in Rajasthan:

Improved access to government services: The new districts will be closer to the people, making it easier for them to access government services such as education, healthcare, and welfare schemes.

Increased efficiency of administration: The new districts will be smaller and more manageable, which will help to improve the efficiency of administration.

Increased development: The new districts are expected to attract more investment and development, which will create jobs and boost the economy.

Overall, the formation of new districts in Rajasthan is a positive development that is expected to improve the lives of the people.


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